The HALL XTRA Faceting Machine.

Designed by Laurie Hall, manufactured by UNAMIT Cairns.

Hall "XTRA" faceting machine with accessories: Fifteen precision centreless ground brass dops,

half round and round master dop, 45 degree angle adapter, high accuracy elliptical groove

transfer block, 96 tooth, 80 tooth and 64 tooth index wheels and Allen key set.

The Hall XTRA is the result of over forty years of continuous design and refinement which

results in a faceting machine of unmatched performance and accuracy. The XTRA is now

manufactured by Peter Tolputt of Unamit Cairns, who has been associated with Hall faceting

machines since 1976. The XTRA is Laurie Hall's latest machine design and incorporates

new features not found in any previous Hall machine to date. Accepts 6 inch lap plates only.




Hall faceting machines are built to the best of our ability with the equipment at our disposal. Standard

engineering measuring instruments; vernier callipers, micrometers, dial indicators, engineers protractors

and straight edges, etc. are all used to check all operations. Some operations are dependent on the

accuracy of the machine tools used in their manufacture. These tools are made by world recognised manufacturers

and meet International Limits of Accuracy. Other measurements are dependent on human interpretation. As one

champion facetor said: “The skill of the facetor takes over where the accuracy of the machine leaves off, however,

Hall machines make this easy.


We will at any time, correct any fault detrimental to the operation of the machine for which we are responsible.

Closeup of faceting head showing the dial gauge which allows

facet angle setting to 0.01 degrees using the micro adjuster.

The dial gauge also indicates depth of cut and reads zero when

the facet is cut to the hard stop.

Supplied dops with every XTRA

80 and 64 index wheels (96 not shown)

Precision transfer block

New "Xtra Plus" faceting machine

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